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We attach great significance to privacy and in a bid to strongly protect your privacy, we dedicate this page to explain our online information practices and methods.

Why do we need Personal Information?

Key personal information is collected since it is of immense use to render high level of website designs service and website development service. As such, clients can make easy reach to our digital products and integrated services and then we could also focus upon remaining categories which would enable your business manifolds.

What Info Do we Collect?

We manipulate the information that we collect from clients in order to administer the site in a proficient manner and to track users activities across the website and to carry out exclusive trend analysis as well. Besides, key demographic information can also be secured which would enable immense business leads for that particular business.

Policy Towards Cookies and other Technologies:

Premier IT Zone makes use of cookies and related technologies in order to find out which of the web pages of the particular web portal are the most preferred ones. Besides, cookies help us to find out where does most of the traffic come from and how much minutes are being spent on what web pages. In other words, cookies and other technologies are also being relied upon for seeking visitors’ patterns in regard to specific website and to gauge customer interaction with the diligently programmed web pages. Finally, cookies are also useful in carrying out business owners and they can easily identify their online business issues by virtue of such cookies.

Exceptions to such Privacy Policy:

We schedule our privacy policy for a swift change over the months but none of your rights would affected under such Privacy policy and clients would be notified about any possible changes. Privacy policy changes will be posted onto this web page and if changes would yield major affects, clients would be notified beforehand.

Premium Customer Surveys:

Premier IT Zone may conduct business as well as personal customer surveys at some point of time. We also motivate our customers to pour in their views and inform us about the service quality and our professional edge so that we would continue to put efforts in that direction. On the basis of such user recommendations only, we are able to innovate newer concepts and enmesh fresh technologies to accomplish a unique and integrated website. Finally, be assured that the user inputs would solely be utilized for our own targeted objectives and not for any other purpose.

Complete Security of Information and Air-Tight Data Integrity:

As is a commonly known fact that data transmission is not a secured traffic over the internet and almost every data element or system is fully protected, no guarantee can be ensured from service providers in regard to security of our servers and that of databases. Hence, while seeking our services, clients agree to the assumption that all risks related to information is sent to us or collected by us when you use the website.