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Following are the terms and conditions pertaining to website designing and website development project and such are applicable to all the projects we undertake.

1). Firstly, clients should provide us with necessary details and information to start constructing the website such as images, text and logos. However, if there is delay in procuring such material, then obviously, the deadline for the project completion would be extended. If a project is left in the incomplete, then we have the right to charge you for the remaining work which is accomplished.

2). Secondly, it is mandatory that 50 % of the project amount has to be paid in advance and the rest can be paid later when the project is complete and when proper client satisfaction is ensured and website project is approved by you.

3). We can refurbish the existing website designs and additional design suggestions would be provided during the project discussions for the most ultimate purpose of business promotion.

4). During the phases of construction of websites and website development, client feedback may be needed at times in order to proceed forward. Hence, if there is met any delay in such client response, then it would lead to project delay and in its eventual delivery as well. Hence, a main person contact must be provided to us during the project progress and the person should be fully dedicated to us.

5). Once the project is complete, clients would be apprised and they would be given proper timeframe to review it. It is thus requested to notify us in writing and broad details about any unwarranted points within 7 days of the project and clients would be needed to pay the rest of the balance amount. Any work which would be mentioned to us after 10 days of the project completion would be regarded as additional one and would thus be chargeable.

6). Payment: As mentioned above, remaining balance can be paid within 7 to 10 days of the project review period.

7). Clients Need to Provide Warranty About Ownership of Intellectual Rights: Clients need to collect all essential permissions and authorization from us in regard to the use of images, text, registered corporate logos, names and trade marks.

8). Regarding Licensing: After we receive the full payment, we would granting a license for the use of website and for all of the software alongside other necessary control panel login details.

9). Basic SEO Would be conducted: No guarantee can be made for the SEO and Google positions of your website but basic on-page SEO would surely be accomplished for starter and economy packages. For higher rankings, please rely upon our premium SEO packs.

10). Disclaimer: As permitted by law, all terms, conditions, warranties, undertakings and the like would be dealt with the involvement of law.

11). Sub-contracting: We have the right to sub-contract any project and / or part of the services to any third party but we shall be responsible for it.

12). Non-disclosure Agreement: Premier IT Zone and all of our sub contractors agree to the fact that no disclosure will be done about any of the confidential information to any third party.

13). Important Back Ups: Clients are entitled for saving any significant back ups of important files and images in regard to the website and Premier IT Zone will surely assist in doing so.

14). Domain names and web hosting: Account information, such as username and password would be provided to you for domain name registration and for web hosting purposes and such fees will be included in the total payment.

15). Legal Jurisdiction: Such website design and website development project would be provided according to the applicable law of New Delhi and India.

16). Wider Compatibility: Our designers design and develop finely supported content management systems such as “Joomla” and we put efforts to make certain that our websites are fully compatible with all modern web browsers of today. For instance, Google, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and so forth are all compatible to work with. Besides, we will take of the situations whereby applicable and we will program the third party alternative extensions and would also program other third party solutions and add ins.

17). E-commerce Compliance: Clients agree to comply with all applicable laws pertaining to e-commerce and to the maximum extent of such web technology, as permitted by law. Clients would not hold Premier IT Zone responsible for any such unlawful means of activity and we shall not be held accountable for any penalty, tariff loss or for any damage from your use or from your clients’ use of internet based electronic commerce.